Alkalinity Can Be Your Best Defense Against Cancer

Published: 12th September 2011
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While I have known about the beneficial attributes of Alkaline Water for the human body for many years, it wasn't until recently that I identified it to being one of the many natural cancer cures readily available to the public. I remember when Alkaline Water first became popular and, of course, it was quite expensive in relation to regular pure or filtered water, so I dismissed it as a viable water option for myself. However, over the years Alkaline Water has become more and more affordable, so now there's hardly any reason not to invest in your good health maintenance by drinking it on a daily basis to help maintain a naturally alkalinity level throughout your body. (I will provide more information on Alkaline Water in another article.)

I also know that no matter how inexpensive Alkaline Water becomes, there will always be those of us who will be "financially challenged" to have access to it everyday. For that reason, I want to share another very affordable method to creating a healthy high alkalinity level throughout your entire body! I learned of this simple method from Dr. Jethro Kloss in his well-known book ,"Back To Eden". "Drink the juice of four (4) lemons daily, diluted one-half with pure water." Even though I’ve been starting my day with water and fresh lemon juice for many years, now, I only discovered several years ago (when I encountered Dr. Baroody’s Book, ALKALIZE OR DIE), that lemons have the highest alkalinity value (7.5) of all fruits (equaled to only by watermelon). So with a DAILY DOSE of lemon juice, the body stays in a naturally healthy alkaline state where diseases cannot grow!

I have been fortunate to live in sunny California, with friends and neighbors who maintain prolific lemon trees in their yards! Consequently, I have had a continuous fresh supply of organic lemons for several years now, and while I sometimes don't get the juice of four lemons in my daily diet, I usually drink the juice of at least 1-2 lemons in my daily water regimen, starting with 32 Oz. of warm water with lemon juice in the morning to cleanse my liver each day. Jethro Kloss suggests "The juice of a lemon should be taken in a glass of hot water one hour before breakfast every morning."

The Lemon is a wonderful fruit that can help cure many diseases and uncomfortable physical conditions. The minerals found in lemons are important in the formation of blood plasma. A single average-sized lemon contains phosphorus, 16 mg; sodium, 2 mg; calcium, 26 mg; potassium, 138 mg; vitamin C, 53 mg and iron, 0.6 mg. While Lemons are useful in treating diphtheria, influenza, heartburn, liver complaints, scurvy, fever, and rheumatism, there are many other diseases and bodily discomforts that lemons also solve. Start getting well today with fresh lemon juice!

If you don't already have it, add the book "Back to Eden", by Jethro Kloss to your permanent reference'll be glad you did! Be well and have fun!

Remember the goal: Get Well and Stay Well!...naturally!

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